Youtubers Life: marketing y publishing

The synergy between Save Games Studio and Raiser Games does not only occur at the development level. If in videogames such as DIG we have worked on the creation and remodeling of the graphic section, in the Youtubers Life franchise (Youtubers Life OMG and Youtubers Life 2) our collaboration has focused on product marketing, providing artwork that has helped new events of these video games have their particular light.

Youtubers Life is a life simulation game with business simulation elements and influences from Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims video games. The player has to manage a character who is trying to build a career as a YouTube personality. In addition to managing the creation of videos for his channel, the player must also manage the character’s education and social life. As the game develops, the player must also manage the character’s employees and the growing network of content. Opportunities to create videos for friends, generate content through ad deals, and ad revenue from each video allows the character to purchase upgrades for their equipment and housing, and access resources to level up their skills.

And what have we done at Save Games Studio? Well, we have worked hard making various arts and assemblies for marketing and publishing, creating and adapting materials for social networks and stores with the intention of promoting the different events that regularly keep these wonderful simulators alive. And truth be told, it’s been great to be involved in such a successful project.

Raiser Games is a company that has been producing and publishing successful projects on multiple platforms on a global scale for years. Raiser’s diverse portfolio of titles includes, among others, the Lovecraftian cult hit Song of Horror, the quirky arena shooter Goat of Duty, the MOBA Esports manager spin-off Life Tycoon, and its flagship hit series, Youtubers Life.