Nuestro trabajo en DIG - Deep In Galaxies

The collaboration between Save Games Studio and Raiser Games has recently borne new fruit with DIG – Deep in Galaxies, a Molton Studio video game that we heartily recommend here. Specifically, our work at DIG has been, among other details, to polish the visual aspect of the title, something that has been endorsed in the final result.

Thus, the Save Games Studio art team has been responsible for redesigning portraits for the bosses and retouching their sprites, completely redesigning and animating one of the usual enemies (the mandrake) and, in addition, retouching and, on occasions, redoing the backgrounds and tiles of each biome from scratch, achieving an aesthetic much richer in detail and nuances.

In addition, Save Games Studio has collaborated with the realization of arts for marketing and stores. In short, we are more than proud of this work. We have loved participating in a video game that, it must be said, has kept us glued to the controls for weeks and weeks.

Raiser Games is a company that has been producing and publishing successful projects on multiple platforms on a global scale for years. Raiser’s diverse portfolio of titles includes, among others, the Lovecraftian cult hit Song of Horror, the quirky arena shooter Goat of Duty, the MOBA Esports manager spin-off Life Tycoon, and its flagship hit series, Youtubers. Life.