Zombie Survivors

A new strategy game

Your city has been invaded by zombies. You must recover it in order to survive. Forget the classic strategy games where you start from scratch building your base with occasional attacks from enemies. In Zombie Survivors you must reconquer the buildings occupied by the zombies in order to maintain and grow up your community of survivors of the apocalypse under the constant threat of the zombies that are around you.

Death lurks around every corner

What is that of building people? In Zombie Survivors each survivor is unique. Some you will find them when recovering buildings and others will go to your meeting after hearing about your community of survivors. You must take care of them, they are unique, if their life reaches zero they will die and you will have lost them forever. Are you sure you want to do that suicide mission to recover that building? There will not be two equal survivors. We have created a character generation system that combines facial features of different base characters. That allows us, with 20 base characters, generate up to 640 different characters 

Prepare the survivors

Equip each survivor with different objects so they can survive this post-apocalyptic world. Level up them so that they becomes an indispensable pillar of your community. And above all, keep them happy so that they be motivated, does not neglect their tasks and will be alert when they go out for mission.

Take decisions

No one ever said that being a leader was easy. Make fundamental decisions about the coexistence of your community. Some may be practical, but grieve the survivors. Others may provide immediate relief, but with consequences in the future. What kind of leader do you think you will be? Will you be a leader with a firm hand or will you be a kindly leader?

The changing city

In the city you will find different types of buildings. Some will serve for generate food, others for research improvements for your community, others for defend againts zombies attacks, etc. You must choose what task is performed in the buildings you control. But beware, if you try to convert a apartment block into a farm for generate food, it will take time to make the change, during which the building will be unusable. Plan your community well


Obviously, your community will not be the only one that survived the zombie apocalypse. Form an alliance with other communities and exchange resources. Or attack them to steal their resources, the decision is yours.

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