Interactive totem for Real Betis Balompié

Working closely with the TechnoshopVR hardware team in conjunction with the Bstadium group, at Save Games Studio we have developed the software for the new interactive totem that the Real Betis Balompié football club makes available to fans at the Betis Museum for to be able to take a picture with their stars.

As can be seen in the image, the interactive totem allows users to take a picture with some of the most notable names of Real Betis Balompié. Players like CanalesGuardadoGuidoFekir or the iconic Joaquín, the coach Manuel Pellegrini or the legendary Rafael Gordillo pose with pleasure and will appear in the photo as if they were really there.

For Save Games Studio it has been a more than interesting challenge to realistically capture the recordings of the Betis stars. Of course, the result speaks for itself: Rafael Gordillo himself recounted, after seeing the photo, that it was difficult for him to differentiate which of the two Gordillos was the one that was really there! More specifically, ours has been the entire development of the application: screen flow design, interface design, user experience, sound and programming. How could it be otherwise, working together with our TechnoshopVR partners means that technological challenges are faced safely, always accompanied by the good work of Bstatium colleagues.