El Arte de Blasphemous (graphic design)

In 2019, Mauricio García, CEO of The Game Kitchen (TGK), called us to make the book The Art of Blasphemous that was published in September, initially aimed at the bakers of his successful Kickstarter campaign (in addition to being able to be acquired in digital format from Steam) and, later, to be published on paper in the edition published by Limited Run and GTM Ediciones. .

The amount of work required by the project depended on good coordination between our studios: Enrique Cabeza, TGK Lead Artist, wrote the texts, conducted interviews with the main artistic team (Raúl Vivar, Juan Miguel López, Paula Garrido, Jesús Campos “Nerkin” y Andrey “Omari” Gogiya), organized the images to be included, in addition to hiring the illustrator Nekro to make the impressive cover design that he sports; and on the other hand, our CEO, Juan Alberto Brincau, coordinated the style correction work carried out by Marta García Villar, and the translation work carried out by the marvelous José Manuel Fernández “Spidey”; he also carried out the general approach of the book together with Enrique, to establish guidelines and design rules to follow and, finally, carry out the complete layout of the manuscript.

At the end of last year they contacted us again for the realization of a new art book that would be included in the physical edition that Selecta Visión would publish in 2021, and would be called El Arte de Blasphemous.

With this new edition we faced an important problem, since its proportions were narrower, about 3 cm more or less, which seems little but they completely conditioned the original design, forcing to carry out a restructuring and a deeper redesign and layout. than initially expected:

To favor the legibility of the texts, we tried to maintain their original size and reduce it only in specific cases, and, in addition, a lot of graphic material had to be restructured, having to decide if parts of the images were cut or resized, and even if they were redistributed, always trying not to delete any. In addition to the redesign, new pages were added so that this new edition would add new things to what was previously seen in the previous ones. Specifically, images of the first free DLC of Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn, were added, where you can see both pre-design images and final designs and Key arts. Finally, to further distinguish the published edition with the Nekro cover art, a “Nerkin” illustration of the Penitent in different armor was used that was included in this DLC.

The coordination of this project was carried out this time with Mauricio García and Manuel Guerrero, Home Entertainment director of Selecta Play, who sent us to the studio the Spanish physical edition of PS4, as well as a couple of books, soundtrack and a representative jewel of the Penitent.

We take this opportunity to thank you again for the gesture and thank you all for trusting in our work.